Instagram Tricks and Tips Marketers Use to Enhance their Brand Awareness

Jan 15

Instagram Tricks and Tips Marketers Use to Enhance their Brand Awareness

Are you looking forward to using Instagram for the business? Do you want to make the most of your Instagramming? With these few tools and techniques, you can improve your content and boost engagement in Instagram on your marketing routine.


Post Images as per the Likes of Audience

This way, you need to post the type of pictures which are already liked and shared by your audience on your Instagram account. For instance, take a picture of your office interiors, the team doing work etc. Maybelline AU is a great example which takes an idea from fashion bloggers who are sharing their instructional photos and facial close-ups. The brand shows the makeup routine of an average woman. They have improved focus on the style of an eyebrow, which got them 2.4 times more sales of Brow Drama mascara.

Enhance Your Snaps

You can surely get the most of your photos you are sharing if they are the best they must be. Here are some easy and instant ways to improve all the photos, including the simplest ones. You may use certain apps like VSCO Cam to enhance and brighten the photos. The app also includes some filters and editing tools to make your photos look interesting and visually appealing. Even though Instagram started allowing non-square pictures, the square-shaped photos are still amazing. You may use the tools like InstaSize to choose the scale and photo. With this app, you can add a colored or white border along the corners of the photos.


Coupon Speaks the Whole Story

It is true that Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, but writing can also help you to thrive. Microblogging is still used on Instagram by some of the most engaging brands to speak the story in a caption.  Hence, they get stronger engagement and make deeper business relationships with the audience. As a result, they get more commenting, sharing and user loyalty. Some companies write long stories as personal letters for the audience. You may use some apps that can help you in caption writing, like Hemingway. This tool highlights passive voice, adverbs and too long sentences. All you need to paste the matter in editor and it will check whether your text is easy to read and active before publishing.

Use Trending Hashtags

It helps you to make your brand popular and your voice heard in the relevant and top conversations on Instagram. With location tags and by choosing the right hashtags, you can enhance your reach as well as your brand and your content. The Search & Explore feature of Instagram shows the hashtags trending today. Look at the relevant hashtags for your posts. Madewell, a well-known fashion brand, was looking for the ways to connect with travelling geeks. Rather than using product pictures, they presented an exotic destination where the followers love to wear their clothes.  They also used some of the popular hashtags on Instagram.

Text Overlays on Pictures

Sharing generic content which is not related to the brand is a pointless effort on Instagram. Several online marketers look for generic content as their service or product is not visual. You may not share many pictures of your team sitting along the table. Instead, you should create graphics, messages and designs which can speak something valuable to the users. You may share a quote related to your brand or any announcement related to new contest, product or sale.

For example, Huffington Post uses graphics on their Instagram account to share the quote to start the conversation.  The graphic promotes the hashtag and makes an engaging question. Due to the question, a long thread of conversation started in the comments and the hashtag used widely.