These Tricks Can Make You the Master of Instagram

Jan 15

These Tricks Can Make You the Master of Instagram

Instagram has ruled the web with over 200 million users worldwide and it is not facing too much trouble despite having lots of competitors in the market. Whether you are a veteran on social media or just starting up with Instagram, here are the tips to get the most of the photo-sharing app.


  1. Embed Photos on the Web

Have you taken a great shot which is so amazing that you can’t resist sharing on your blog? Find the post through the web version of Instagram, click the menu button and go to “View Photo Page”, open the menu again and choose “Embed” option. You can paste the code anywhere on the web and showcase the photo and embed photos from other streams like your own. Each embed has a link back to the picture and it works with public accounts.

  1. Save Original Photos

The size of the photos Instagram uploads and shares to the world is 612×612 pixels. In order to get higher resolution photos (to upload to your site), find them on your tablet or phone. Full-size images are saved automatically on the Instagram folder in the image gallery on Android. The same are added to Camera Roll on iOS. Be sure the option to “Save Original Photos” is active on the Settings page. Keep in mind that the maximum resolution is 2048×2048 pixels on which pictures are saved on Instagram, despite the current capabilities of the device.


  1. Take Your Time on Editing

Have you noticed the smart and sophisticated tools for editing photos are added by Instagram recently? Along with adjusting the strength of all filters, one can easily access a lot of options as well. If any part of the picture is too dark or the Saturation slider is opened up, use Shadows option. It can also be used to turn the strength of colors up/down a bit.

  1. Back Up Favorites to Dropbox

Haven’t backed up in a while? Add Dropbox into your routine and save all the pictures on Instagram that you like on a virtual hard drive. It is the best way to secure the collection of your best snaps. You can save the 640p version of each image on your Dropbox account.

  1. Manage Your Picture Map

Every time you are sharing the picture, you can easily add it to your map. You also need to be wary while sharing the location of pictures. But it is really a nice feature to group the images with each other and chart the progress of your trip. In the subsequent screen, you can see where you have pinned your photos and you can easily remove the information of attached location.


  1. Choose Hashtags Wisely

While hashtagging your photos, think wisely. Your decision can get them mixed at a public event or see more and more people. If you choose too common hashtags, they can easily get lost. So, it is important to use them wisely and keep them relevant. You can easily browse through the relevant hashtags which are being used.

  1. Share Wisely

You may be plugged into several social media websites. So, it is important to use such links and share your abilities with all those who don’t have installed Instagram. Don’t spam your friends across several social media sites too frequently.


  1. Express Yourself

Your profile is the page which strangers are going to see while checking out your feed. Be sure to give some positive reasons to them to “Follow” you. Say what you do, something about yourself and kinds of photos you would like to share. There are several pros you can learn from.