Want to Engage More Customers on Instagram? Here’s How to Create Infographics

Jan 15

Want to Engage More Customers on Instagram? Here’s How to Create Infographics

Infographics can surely help you create more engagement on your Instagram profile. It can effectively teach your customers about your message without annoying them. By adding Infographics on your marketing campaigns, you can attract more and more viewers and let you stand out of competition.

Make Video Infographic from Some Charts

Videos can definitely beat pictures on Instagram. In order to make a video from current Infographic, the easiest option is to cut off the original Infographic in several pieces. Then, you can use the editing tool and convert all the images in a short video. First of all, you have to use a program that can split an Infographic in several images. You may easily save them in numerical order. Next up, you can upload images and open up video editing application like iMovie.

Make a new project and add all the images with File icon. This way, you can lay all the images down on the timeline and rearrange these pictures. Videos on Instagram are usually short. Make sure the whole video is at least 10 seconds long. If 5-6 images are used, be sure that each clip is around 1 second long and transition must be half a second long. By tapping on image, you can change the duration of the clip. There is a yellow outline appears. You can pinch the image and change its time length.

To change the style and duration, tap on transition clip. You may use Slide transition because it distracts less. Click Play button to preview the clip. Change settings and add music through Settings button. Export the video by tapping Share, once done.

Create a new video post on Instagram. Switch to full size if the video is not looking best on the square preview. Share your video on other social media and save it to Camera Roll.


Create or Adapt a Chart

Most of the Instagraphics are made in long-form, portrait format. Hence, it is very challenging to use them. Now, Instagram allows both portrait and landscape images. So, you can optimize the viewing dimension for mobile viewing. As content has to be legible on mobile screen, there is no other way to resize the Infographic to fit the image parameters of Instagram. Instead, you can crop one chart from an Infographic to use properly for the post.

Convert Your Data into Quote

It is probably the ideal way to spread the numerical data into Infographic. It is particularly useful if you have very important or large number. If it is suitable for your brand and you want it, just add some mystery to grab the attention of audience. Some companies put number above the image. It asks users to click on the post and find out what number reveals. There are lots of image editing and Instagram apps available to overlay text over images.

Transform Your Data into Pictogram

With the help of pictogram, you can easily represent the data through icons. It is one of the best visual designs that can help you convey important ratios or percentages. All you need to find out a tool to make Infographic and create a pictogram. It takes just a few minutes to complete the process. First of all, you need to pick the icon you are going to use and you can choose various icons from most tools. Define the number of icons to depict in columns and rows.

Find out the icons which must be highlighted with various colors. Choose a darker color for icons you need to highlight and lighter ones you don’t want to show. Export the image after adding title.