What You Should Know about Origin & Evolution of Instagram?

Jan 15

What You Should Know about Origin & Evolution of Instagram?

Instagram was originated as a one-of-its-kind photo sharing social platform. It was Instagram which surprised users with a lot of filters that made their cooked meals look a lot more appealing. The Selfie-based site suddenly became the powerful social media app where users can share all of their lifetime moments. Every day, around 100 million users are sharing 40 million snaps on average across the world. It was just a matter of time when this photo-sharing application adopted e-commerce.

Here’s what to Know about Evolution of Instagram

Instagram was the only place in the beginning where you can envy your friends and their midday Starbucks selection and look at the trendy outfit of the day (OOTD). It is still a destination where you can share your daily moments through photos. It didn’t take a lot of time to get the brands noticed and enjoy the popularity with their marketing efforts.


How It Started?

Instagram didn’t become an e-commerce-specific, advertorial site all of a sudden. It has seen slow growth which started with creating “Instashops” or “closet shops”. They created small boutiques and consignment shops where people started posting pictures of items available for sale. According to the account, users are allowed to comment on items they wanted and sellers could easily contact them for payment and shipping details. Selling in Instagram was easy as pie. Instagram shops were loaded with popular and creative hashtags like #instashop, #igshop, and #Igshopping. Later on, people could buy some shoes and check out what their friends had on dinner. Most of the handcrafted and specialty shops in Instagram started selling.


What’s next?

In a decision with loyal Instagram users, Facebook started allowing Instagram Ads for advertising on their site. Instagram imposed strict regulations for the ads and the companies they are going to allow on their site. Hence, the rollout of ads became slow. Only selected number of companies is promoting their brand on their site. Some of the lucky few are Nike, Starbucks, Michael Kors, Coca-Cola, Target and Apple. They created their ads as per the guidelines and images were high quality and beautiful so users like to see on their news feed.

For marketers looking to enhance their online presence, it has become a huge step of Instagram to implement ads. It is rare that most companies can gain the desired ad spot.

Promoting Brands with Instagram

Companies which have been successfully promoting their products on Instagram used to go through a simple strategy. They add only beautiful photos of products and choose only a specific number of hashtags to get noticed by the followers. They add a link in the description to the product page and wait for conversations to start. You can share sales, promo codes, and coupons and post photos of buyers with products to gather feedback and focus on select followers according to location are some of the other ways to promote your products on Instagram. As a marketer, you can do target research with this information.

Shopping along through social media can improve the reach for e-commerce. Some brands are offering the services where you can book a product or buy one just by commenting on photos in Instagram. Rather than allowing buyers to book products, Ceramcor allows users to grab the chance to win free products.

After joining Instagram, when companies started making ordering process simple, they expanded their clientele and marketing efforts. They enjoyed the opportunity to take various measures to attract people and share information. The trend is growing in e-commerce on social media and it is getting very easier and popular to buy items through Instagram.